EC-ID Numbers

What is an EC-ID number?
Every E-cigarette kit, tank, cartridge and nicotine containing e-liquid will need an ECID number to be placed on the market within the European Union.

To get an ECID, products must be tested and analyzed to make sure they comply with article 20 of the TPD and are safe to use. ECIDs will be issued by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK.


Please find below a list of all the EC-ID Numbers for our Products. 

Flavour Nicotine Strength EC-ID Number
Kyanite 3mg 01718-16-00001
Kyanite 6mg 01718-16-00002
Kyanite 9mg 01718-16-00003
Dragons Egg 3mg 01718-16-00010
Dragons Egg 6mg 01718-16-00011
Dragons Egg 9mg 01718-16-00012
Red Sardonyx 3mg 01718-16-00007
Red Sardonyx 6mg 01718-16-00008
Red Sardonyx 9mg 01718-16-00009
Spinel 3mg 01718-16-00004
Spinel 6mg 01718-16-00005
Spinel 9mg 01718-16-00006